Professional Services

MiStar's Professional Services

An integral part of what we provide to our customers at MiStar is our expertise in our product throughout all industries.

Utilizing a support staff with over 40 years of combined experience in Telecommunications, combined with our engineers for our security systems, MiStar is uniquely qualified to ensure our customers are given the solution that will most efficiently fulfill their business goals. We do this by not only providing discovery and solutions to our customer’s business frustrations but also actively training them to best use the product provided. We pride ourselves on our involvement with the customer through every step of the process, from pre-sale to installation to post-training.

Network Design & Engineering

MiStar’s network engineers will create full UC and ISS designs (whichever is applicable) so that the customer can get an in-depth look at exactly how the system would integrate into their business and where the installation would occur. This allows for a much more informed decision on how vital the solution is to their business before committing. Once the sale is confirmed, the cost of the design is included with the price of the purchased system.

Data Analysis

To give our customers the best solution, we will provide a full analysis of a business’s performance data so that our team is fully acquainted with the company by the time a design is made. This analysis includes evaluating call data to determine trends in the business and establishing Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) for their line of business. Once this is understood, our engineers will assist in the development of staffing models based on the call data info so that there is full visibility on the inefficiencies and growing points of the business in question.

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