Business Surveillance Systems

Camera Systems

Building a successful business from scratch involves a lot of hard work and perseverance – so reward yourself with some well-earned peace of mind. Whether you own a single storefront or multiple warehouses across the globe, Lorex has a wide range of high-performance surveillance camera systems that will help protect your business, no matter how big or small.

Commercial Surveillance Solutions

Monitoring commercial properties such as larger businesses, farms or warehouses comes with its own unique challenges. MiStar offers plenty of surveillance solutions to help serve those needs.

Small Business Surveillance Solutions

Owning a café, restaurant, retail shop or any other type of small business still requires a lot of work. Take some of the stress off your shoulders with the help of a MiStar surveillance system.

Commercial Surveillance Camera Solutions

With the help of a surveillance system, you don’t have to physically be there to verify that things are running smoothly. Check in at any time to keep tabs on major shipments and deliveries, customer traffic, daily operations and more. A surveillance camera system is also a deterrent for potential thieves and provides invaluable information if an incidence happens to occur on site.

Experience Ultra HD resolution and flawless images with a wired 4K security system. The technology behind this powerful system results in pristine video footage with realistic contrast, color representation and smooth, natural movement – even in darker settings. Well-suited for large-scale surveillance, thanks to some amazing features such as long-range infrared and color night vision, a wired 4K system will help capture important details with lifelike authenticity.

Take back control

Lock down your company today with the help of a MiStar surveillance camera system.