Enterprise Networks


MiStar Communication delivers an enterprise system that is comprised of wired & wireless network devices, as well as a centrally-managed software controller, with hybrid support for secure, Cloud-hosted services. We use UniFi enterprise technology from Ubiquity that features the latest network hardware at cost-disruptive prices, including 802.11ac, dual-band indoor/outdoor access points, high-throughput switches, and powerful security gateways.

Compared to other enterprise platforms, MiStar’s network administrators allows us to manage & monitor network devices.

MiStar allows multi-site management of network devices & users.

Controller Management

Once installed, we will set up, monitor, and manage any number of network devices and users, whether located in one or thousands of private networks—all from a remote central control plane. Conveniently, MiStar’s controller software loads in a simple, intuitive Graphic User Interface in your favorite web browser.

Our cloud key is a powerful, miniaturized server running an instance of the latest Controller software, allowing users to bypass server setup for quick, out-of-the-box availability and easy local management.

And whether the Controller runs on your local PC, MiStar’s Cloud Key, or a virtualized server instance, we can also take advantage of Ubiquiti’s Hybrid Cloud technology—a secure, private Single Sign-On Cloud portal to centrally access so we can manage all of your server deployments from anywhere in the world.

With our elite hosting platform, a third-party hosted cloud service is not required, so all of your personal data and network information remains secure.

Enterprise Functionality

Within our Controller, we manage independent, physical sites with unique network monitoring, configurations, maps, statistics, and admin accounts. An overview of the health of your enterprise networks appears within the Controller Dashboard, as well as comprehensive statistics, analytics, and other insightful data.

The MiStar Controller allows us to configure and provision your APs, Switches, and Gateways with fundamental, industry-standard settings like VLANs, POE, and more, while also taking full advantage of proprietary Ubiquiti tools Wi-Fi Scanning, MultiLane-RF, and Deep Packet Inspection.

MiStar simplifies bandwidth controls, traffic-shaping, and network access policies for different users, such as Guests. Additionally, the built-in MiStar Hotspot Portal tool provides us with a fully-customizable engine for web portal creation, Internet plan selection, and popular payment API integration.

Today, MiStar revolutionizes networking through cost-effective, feature-rich, enterprise software and hardware connecting the next billion users—to hear stories and case studies of real-world MiStar deployments, visit our News today.

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